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What is The AVP Academy?

 The AVP is growing the game of beach volleyball by creating a streamlined, consistent curriculum that will help beach volleyball athletes to maximize their skill development at the highest rate possible. The AVP Academy program at Elite Beach utilizes training components that successful Olympic and professional beach volleyball teams currently use and makes this training available to  our athletes here in the Clovis.

The concept is simple: develop the most complete athlete for their peak performance in the sport by integrating the components of beach volleyball training and education, Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, and college recruiting resources. Why wait until you are a college or pro athlete to get that kind of training? Start TODAY!

Elite Training


Our Elite Training programs focus on developing the most complete athletes for a high level of competitive volleyball, both beach and indoor. Our AVP Academy coaches will help elevate your game to the next level, focusing on skill development, game tactics, plyometric training, and competitive play. 

Sports Psychology


Sports psychology is a discipline used by elite athletes with an end goal of improving their performance by using certain tools. Today, competition is fierce and very small differences may separate first from last. We invest in our athletes by teaching them how to work through common problems, helping them become the best they can be.



 Fueling your body with the proper nutrients is integral in the way you perform on the court. We can help you gain the knowledge necessary through our nutrition education program. 

Strength and Conditioning


We work with our athletes to push them farther than they thought they could go. Focusing on increasing speed, strength, power, movement, and reaction time. Our athletes have access to training both in and out of season, making sure they stay game day ready all year long.


College Recruiting Expert

AVP Academy Clovis college recruitment specialist Sarah Pavan

Say hi to our new recruiting expert, Sarah Pavan.  Sarah has a vast amount of experience with the recruiting process for both the indoor and beach disciplines of the sport.  Sarah has a variety of recruiting services that she is offering to all AVP Academy members.   Please click below to find out more.